Meet the Feastys!

Feasty Jon

Feasty Jon

During both high school and later at the University of Maryland, Jon spent a considerable amount of time laboring in various local restaurants trying to make a buck. Whether washing dishes, "prepping" food or manning the front line, Jon enjoyed this work place and honed his tastes in cooking accordingly.

Ironically, this scenario only re-enforced Jon's belief that " cooking can be fun", and made experimenting with different recipes all the more simple. (Especially when you consider he was using someone else's food!!)

Nonetheless, the future "Feasty" regularly compared his unique cooking ideas with his long-time friend Jim Stump. As time passed and the friendly cooking competitions intensified, Jon and Jim decided that a cooking show was in order. Since a show with their down-home approach didn't exist... the two launched "The Feasty Boys Cooking Show".

The cable access series premiered in 1999. Shot on glorified home video equipment, fueled by cold beer, great cooking and off-color humor, the series soon attracted a cult-like following. The series ran for 6 years on cable access stations throughout Maryland, and made "The Feasty Boys" local celebrities in their hometown of Annapolis.

Their success led to bigger and better things. In 2004 "The Feasty Boys" became regular contributors on ESPN's morning show "Cold Pizza". Following that, Jon and Jim established a relationship with ABC where they continue to make regular appearances on "Good Morning America-Weekend".

In 2008 Jon and Jim hosted a 6-part prime-time series for Travel Channel, exploring America and offering up their unique blue collar approach to cooking.

Jon is a dedicated father and manages a local pub in Annapolis when not serving as a disgruntled public servant!

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