Meet the Feastys!

Feasty Jim

Feasty Jim

Prior to attending Frostburg State College, this "future Feasty" worked in several local Annapolis area restaurants as a part-time cook. After completing several semesters of college, Jim became disenchanted with school and ultimately decided to expand his horizons and branched off in a completely different direction, enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Having always enjoyed cooking, Jim quite naturally enrolled in the U.S.C.G. Culinary School, which turned out to be a perfect match as our boy surprisingly enough graduated 1st in his class. As a result, Jim was permitted to choose his tour of duty, ultimately deciding on the U.S. Coast Guard tall ship The Eagle.

Serving as the Captain's personal chef, Jim sailed virtually around the world cooking for dignitaries far and wide... As a matter of fact, the people of Tasmania are still talking' about the Cream Chipped Beef the big man introduced to them!!

After returning to civilian life, Jim rekindled his friendship with long time buddy Jon Mayer. As both men still enjoyed cooking unusual dishes, creating their own cooking show was often the topic of conversation over beers. Eventually, after enough discussions (and enough beer), the boys decided it was time to "put up or shut up".

In 1999 they launched their own cooking series on Maryland cable access, "The Feasty Boys Cooking Show". The series made the two larger-than-life cooks local celebrities in their hometown of Annapolis, and led to regular appearances on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" and ABC's "Good Morning America-Weekend."

In 2008, Jim and Jon hosted their own 6-part series for Travel Channel, featuring their unique brand of cooking and their blue-collar approach to exploring America.

Jim is first and foremost a proud family man and successful businessman.

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