Meet the Feastys!

Who are the Feasty Boys?

Take one part cigar chomping, backslapping good old boy. Add a pinch of French chef Paul Prudhomme. Toss in a liberal helping of beer guzzling, belly-rubbing Homer Simpson and mix. Bake for 30 minutes and you've got "The Feasty Boys Cooking Show," the guys' answer to Martha Stewart.

Meet Jon Mayer and Jim Stump. The most irreverent cooking duo on cable, in print or on the web! They love to cook with what they call "the 4 B's"... Beer, Butter, Bacon and Better not forget to bring some cheese! Join the Feasty Boys as they show you how to make..."Good Cookin' Made Simple"...

Feasty Jon and Feasty Jim are buddies who love to cook, eat, travel and enjoy each other's company...oh and they are genuinely accomplished cooks. They have been friends since their teens and have a genuine passion for cooking and eating their own unique style of cuisine.

The Feasty Boys have been cooking professionally for a couple of decades.

Jim started his career at the US Coast Guard's culinary school and toured the world as the personal chef to the captain of a tall ship, before rejoining civilian life. Jon worked in numerous restaurants and bars and now manages a pub.

After creating their own cable-access series in Maryland, the Feasty Boys have gone on to make regular appearances on ABC's Good Morning America and ESPN's Cold Pizza, and hosted their own prime-time series on Travel Channel.

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